The Formula: Reverse Engineering Your First Six Figures [part 2 of 5]

Posted by Shaqir Hussyin & François-Xavier Laplage
Welcome to Day 2 of the Millionaire Challenge System (Setup Phase)

Today I am going to teach you how to put together a simple system that can help you sell pretty much ANYTHING you want online and make $5000 - $10,000+ a month as soon as possible.

If you want to make massive money online, you can’t simply go around promoting products in a random way.

If you do that, you may make sales here and there but you will never build a solid business and you sure as never would make consistent profits.

The key to getting to $10,000+ per month and GROWING to the next level lies in having a Systematized Process for selling products.

If you don’t have any products to sell now, then don’t worry about it because by the end of this bootcamp I will show you what products work the best and produce the most money.

So back to our topic.

What you need is a Systematized Process for selling products.

In other words a Sales Funnel.

What’s a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is nothing but a series of carefully designed steps whose goal is to convert cold website visitors into hot leads and then turn them into happy customers and raving repeat customers.

Let me repeat it again because this is VERY important:

Cold Visitors == > Hot Leads == > Happy Customers == > Raving Repeat Customers

Its basically a process to GIVE massive value to the marketplace (via selling your products and services) and EXTRACT massive profits in return.

Win win deal.

So how do we build a sales funnel?

Here’s where most people stumble and lose focus.

They think that sales funnels are complicated to build. They think they will never be able to build a sales funnel.

Well…let me get it straight.

A sales funnel can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

It could be an intricately designed and optimized one that multi million dollar companies use to create massive sales everyday.

Or it could be a basic (but effectively designed) funnel which you can use to turn your visitors into leads, build trust with them, promote affiliate products and make sales.

The funnels that multi million dollar companies use are COMPLETE FUNNELS which sell the company products and services in the most organized way.

While these funnels produce massive revenues, you DON’T have to create these funnels to be successful.

You can make a killing by creating simple funnels too.

These funnels are called as AIDING FUNNELS.

The job of these funnels is to aid the sale of the affiliate product you are promoting.

Here’s the formula

Website Visitor == > Your Aiding Funnel (where you promote affiliate products) == > Complete Funnels of the company owning those products

I have both complete funnels and aiding funnels in my business and I make a killing with both.

Recently I pulled in $150,000+ in a month promoting an affiliate program using an AIDING FUNNEL.

What I am teaching you here is super powerful.

Its powerful because I am showing you a REAL WAY to make full time income without creating products & without creating complicated funnels.

I have taught how to use simple Aiding Funnels to my students and they have pulled in massive revenues in their business too.

Now coming back to the topic – How do we build the simple funnel to promote affiliate products?

A simple funnel has 3 simple processes that you need to implement

* Email Capture Process – The art of turning your visitors into leads
* Front End Sales Process – The art of turning your leads into front end customers
* Email Follow Up Process – The art of building a relationship with your leads to make sales & repeat sales

So let me explain all of these processes in detail.

Email Capture Process – The art of turning your visitors into leads

It all starts with having a high converting lead capture page which will entice your visitors into giving you their email information and joining your list.

A perfect lead capture page looks like this: or

In your lead capture page, you should offer some free gift (called as lead magnet) in order to get your visitors to give you their email information in exchange for it.

(In the above page, when a visitors clicks the “Get Instant Access” button, a form shows up where they can enter their email to download the lead magnet).

The goal of the lead magnet is two fold

One, to turn visitors into leads
Two, to educate your leads and presell them to promote your product

When done correctly, a lead magnet gets you both leads & sales on its own.

So that’s process number 1.

Moving on to the next thing.

Front End Sales Process - The art of turning your visitors into leads

This process is ALL about promoting a front end product (entry level product) to your leads.

Typically front end products cost anywhere from $5 to $97.

The front end product has 2 goals:

To get your customers (who after consuming your product are likely to buy more stuff from you)

To bring in cashflow which can offset your advertising costs (which is why front end product is called self liquidating offer)

Here’s an example of a sales page promoting a front end product:

A front end product could be anything.

It could be an audio training or pdf training or video training or anything for that matter.

Your front end product could be your own product or an affiliate product too.

The goal remains the same: Turn the lead into customer and get some cashflow to reinvest in your advertising budget to get more leads.

When done correctly, a front end product would help get customers and you grow your list very fast.

Now moving on to the third component.

Email Follow Up Process – The art of building a relationship with your leads to make sales & repeat sales via emails

This is the biggie.

Before I explain to you about this part, let me give you some stats.

I make around $20,000+ per day in my business and you know WHAT ALLOWS me to do such incomes?

It’s the fact that I have an INCREDIBLE RELATIONSHIP with my email list.

You see, when you get traffic and build an email list, your work STARTS.

Your list is new.

They don’t know you or trust you.

Its your job to GAIN that trust and when you do it, you will make a crap load of sales.

And how do you GAIN that trust?

By writing fun filled valuable emails every day to your list (there is a tool called autoresponder which will send your emails to your list – all you need to do is load up your emails in there).

Now when your leads start reading your emails daily, they start connecting with you on a deeper level.

Every day, they get both value and entertainment which makes them look at you IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way compared to other marketers.

They start trusting you and your emails start becoming more and more effective due to that and this leads to sales, sales and MORE sales.

Most people think they need to write perfect emails with perfect content to gain people’s trust.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have written over 3000 emails to my list and made over $10 million and I can say that emails that are simple, easy to read, contain value and are entertaining work very well.

An imperfect but fun email sent every day will CRUSH a perfect email sent once in 5 days.

Tests reveal that.

Email follow ups can help you turn your leads into customers and then your customers into repeat customers.

Here’s a cool tip: Offer a bonus (could be a simple training or personal session or anything) for those who buy your products. When they do buy your products and approach you for the bonus, tell them to optin another list which will be your CUSTOMER LIST).

Now you are not only building your prospect list but also your customer list. Which means you can send SEPARATE emails for your customers and get them to buy other products too.

Remember, the hardest sale is to get a customer. The easiest is to turn that customer into a repeat customer.

So use emails to maximize your sales.

To recap…building a simple funnel involves 3 processes.

=>Process 1 - Capture email
=>Process 2 - Sell front end products
=>Process 3 - Follow up with your list to build relationship and make sales left, right and centre

So that concludes the Setup Phase.

Tomorrow I am going to show you how to go about the Launch Phase where you start getting a steady stream of leads and 1-2 sales per day.

Stay tuned.

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